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About this City Journal

At the beggining,it was just an small village.But then,something happened...

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The City's History

Ganton's history is a big one.The mayor,Carl Peterson,wanted to develop the small village.So,he decided to build apartament blocks in the centre of the village.Then.bigger and bigger buildings appeared,until in the day of August 30 2003,a 34 floors tall skyscraper was proposed for construction.The tallest tower at that moment was the Richman Bank Building,a 20 floors tall structure.

One day, an earthquake measuring 7.1 on the Richter scale struck the city. 5.000 were injured.The under-construction skyscraper was destroyed.Ganton was in ruins!

The citty recovered in 2010,when 12 residential proposals were approved for construction in Bayside District.After the buildings were finished,the population increased dramatically.It reached 200.000 inhabitants.After that,the Central City District begun to be developed and glass buildings were built.Then,the city growed more.This was the history of this city!More coming soon!!!

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