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About this City Journal

A Tropical Island full of vast forests and ever sandy beaches

Entries in this City Journal


It happened the mountain exploded. And lava rolled down its sides.

Luckily very few died from the ash and smoke that came with it. This caused settlers to think. That perhaps they should upgrade there small island.

The kimberly islands eventually became a haven for Europeans who wanted a different feel from their original homeland. But it was such a small settlement that they could not fit them all. So they began to expand to different parts of the island. Until now we have...

The Republic of The Kimberly Islands.


It happened a very long ago. Dutch settleres moved to The Northern Cape and created their settlement using white stone from a cavern in a steep hill on the cape. And they lived peacefully for a time. And they stayed there for about 100 years

They're settlement was onlooked by a very peculiar mountain. Yes it would shake but no one could have expected....

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