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welcome to consuelo, the colony in south america

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in 1582 a french explorer name monsieur consuart'e decided to sail south from Lima, Peru in search of his own land( since past there no one had ever gone even though there was obviously land there) he sailed down the coast for days, and drawing and taking notes on any animals he had never seen before. his crew, was mostly Russians who had left Russia for adventure, and also two young mappers mapping the terrain and coast for future sailors. Suddenly monsieur consuart'e was struck with ambition! HE decided that he not only wanted to sail south , but that he wanted to sail around the bottom of sout America! all of his crew were very exited , because the thought it would make them very famous( and the mappers said it would make them rich as well as famous)so they sailed , and sailed , occasionally running into natives. finally, they rounded the tip of south America. when we came to a river, we rested on shore. about 10 of they're men and their families decided to settle there and started the town "Rio grande"

consuart'e then sailed with the 10 other men and their families , untill they found a huge bay, with a huge river and a river delta to go with it.they named it vanelia, and this is the town now, in 1682, the 100th aniverary.




by the way please give me any suggestions you have for it i am in the process of growing more european buildings in the areas that i have zoned residential


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