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About this City Journal

A travel around a magical land, mixing tradition and technology in a in a purely East Asian style.

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Like you have maybe seen, my CJ, Izumo, hasn't been updated since March 2013. Effectively, last year, my old computer has completely freaked and I lost all the content of my hard disk whose SC4, my plugins, my regions and my cities. I was discouraged and I didn't had the envy to restart from nothing.

But, that time is over. My summer holidays let me a lot of free time and I have decided to use it in order to continue Izumo :) I have hesitated because I have seen a lot of current CJs which use the theme of Japan. I think to art128, Kisa Atsuko or Tonraq who have presented extremely good entries this week. I don't know if people will be happy to see one more member posting about Japan. So, I take the risk to annoy some of you. However I hope you will like my entries ;)

I didn't want to write this message without putting some pictures of what I'm working on. So, I let you discover the all fresh district of Oshiro :)

See you !





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I also wanted to answer to the comments I had on my last entry, Yoroido :yes:

Forthwall : I didn't know if this style had its place on my CJ so I'm really happy to read that you like it !

RepublicMaster : I looked a tuto' on the web to create this old photo effect. I love it too ! Thanks :)

Cr4344 : Thank you very much ~

ggamus : Arigatô !

Hellken : Thank you VERY much :P

B.C builder : I was looking for authenticity so your comment makes me happy, thank you

Tonraq : I have to say that your last entry CRUSHES my work. But, thanks !

kakado_to_save : Yeah the sountrack is amazing ! Arigatô ~

tankmank : The photoshopping has an important role in my CJ you're right. Thank you :)

spusrule14 : Thank you !

Aaron Graham : Thanks ~

tastycakes : Arigatô !

Dr-Beakman : Like you see, I have decided to continue ! Thanks for your support :D


6 - Izumo - Yoroido

6 - Izumo - Yoroido


Replies :

Forthwall : Thank you very much !

ggamgus : Once more, a beautiful creation signed moonlight-sama

standop : You can find it >>here<<

Hazani Pratama : Thanks !

NMUSpidey : Oh I'm very pleased that you tell me this, thanks !

Cefien : Arigatô ;)

Simcoug : Thank you ^^

TekindusT : Spectacular comment !

Fox : Really ?! So, thank you very much ! :D

lew1984 : I found these from >>there<< ;)

RepublicMaster : Thank you !

spursrule14 : Thanks ^^



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How could be Izumo at the beginning of the 20th century, when geishas were still famous and refined women ? By these 4 old photos, we can discover the neighborhood of Yoroido, well known for its grandiose traditional festivals and for have been the most trend place of Izumo in the first half of the last century.





I hope that you liked this uptade !


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5 - Izumo - Time to leave city


Replies :

RepublicMaster : Thanks, I try to be the most precise as possible

Forthwall : Thank you !

Hazani Pratama : Arigatou ~

Superbacon : Thank you ;)

ggamus : I'm happy you think that

raynev1 : Ty :)

Processgamer : Happy new year too !

NMUSpidey : Yeah the translation is original x)

peank : You have received a PM

Efkin : Thanks

111222333444 : Arigatô !



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Like promised in the introduction of my CJ, you will not only see big and dense urban areas ; now, it's time to leave cities and to go to the countryside.


I hope that you liked this uptade !


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4 - Izumo - Somuku


Replies :

MilitantRadical : Thank you !

ggamus : Thanks !

Hiigar : Arigatou ~

Efkin : Happy to see that you like it

NMUSpidey : I try to do my best, thanks ~

444 : Thank you !

Mystic-Destiny : Arigatou Gozaimasu ~

Hazani Pratama : Like you <3 (perhaps)

Forthwall : Thanks !

Volnov : You're right, I think that I'll do it early

1000[...]000 : Yes these things are clouds (not very realistic ^^') Thanks for your comment !


First of all I'd like to wish you a lot of happiness for 2013 - A.



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Izumo, before to be the modern country that we know today, built of steel and of concrete, has been a place where humans and nature cohabited together. After the Second World War, the old cities of the archipelago were ravaged by bombing and Izumoits had to rebuild quickly ! But, they forgot that there were still old buildings ...


One of the best exemple are these old houses built near the new canal of Awasete and surrounded of power lines.


We can also see this old train station built with wood and now at the limit beetween an industrial area and a new residential quarter.


Hopefully the Government has decided to renovate some of these old districts where riparians and tourists love to stroll like the Temple of Tamago (above) and his traditionnals houses.

I hope that you liked this uptade !


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3 - Izumo - Ongaku

3 - Izumo - Ongaku


Replies :

Arthur : Thank you again for your help ;)

Hazani : Thank you !

mystic destiny : Izumoite trains have some problems ... (I hope too ! )

Ying Blanc : Arthur helped me for the sidewalk texture ;) For the stuff, there are a lot of Japanese websites which propose beutiful things !

Forthwall : He is missing something, not someone, it's not a problem :P

Shulmanator : Thanks !

lovemax : Thank you =)

raynev : Arigatô ~

Superbacon : Hopefully they aren't !

NMUSpidey : Thank you very much ! =)

Efkin : +1 for me, +2 for you

Tekindus T : The quickers planes of the world

Gugu : Thank you very very much ;)



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Ongaku or the city which never sleeps






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2 - Izumo - Watane

2 - Izumo - Watane


Replies :

ggamous : Thank you !

mystic_destiny : Dat comment <3

TekindusT : I try to make you feel that ;)

Arthur : Yes I was very happy to discover his buildings.

NMUSpidey : Ah very interesting, and thank you ;)

westy : Arthur gived you the link :)

Mastof : Excellent comment :P

ecoba : Thank you very much !

Superbacon : Thanks ;)

ekky647 : Gangnam Style 8)



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Watane is a quiet district of the suburbs of Izumo. The employees of the downtown reside in small houses whereas the poorer worker live in small apartments. All the area is served by train stations connected with the other parts of the city. Some offices ans industries border the major traffic routes.





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1 - Izumo - CDB

1 - Izumo - CBD


Replies :

111222333444 : Thank you guy !

alexander.bowman : I'm happy you like it !

westy177 : Yeah the song is so cool =)

k50 : I have >> Download <<

TayMay27 : Thanks a lot !

NMUSpidey : Thank you for the translation ;)

art128 : Thanks man !

Paulobergonci : Yes, I'll do rural and urban areas

spursrule14 : Really ? :P

Huston : Thanks !

Liszak : Yes they are ! >> Link << if you want to download

daybreak : Thank you very much !

Hellken : Thanks for the link and the coment ;)

MilitantRadical : Thanks !

tastycakes : Thank you tasty :3

iMetropolis : It's not the Tokyo Tower but the Sapporo Tower : >> Download <<

Benedict : I'm so HAPPY, thank you so much !

TekindusT : Thank you ! =)



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Channel :

Treetopfan | It's a very good channel with 2 or 3 videos a day where young Japanese dance J-pop or other kinds of Japanese music, in streets, parks, etc ... It's so funny and nice, it seems all Japanese dance very well ! :P




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Introduction - Izumo

Introduction - Izumo


Welcome - ようこそ

Who has never dreamt to runaway, at the other end of the world ? In this new city journal, I will try to make you discover the Japan and its culture travelling around the dummy country of Izumo.

Without waiting, let's go !






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