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San Francisco region

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The sleepy seaside district of Pearl Beach, lies just south of the CBD,

whilst the port is farther south on the edge of the bay.

the new district of Harman is around the bay to the West, whilst the stinking dump is to the East of the CBD - where all the filth from the whole region is taken daily.

There it is mushed and mashed and burned and bashed into fuel for the power stations, garden mulch, recycled things and food for a few million seagulls.



hi there SImtropolis!

THis is my first CJ, and i welcome all comments.

'New City' was orginally just an experiment as i was playing aorund with different road layouts and eventualy made a basic 4 way cross avenue, combing Y-stacks in the middle to make a nice looking round thingy, which i filled with parks. Then i plonked 6x20 oblongs leaving a few open patches for trees and parklands.

I decided to have a go of it and began zoning, placing civic buildings and bus stops everywhere.

Pretty quickly i had zoned most of the map and had to put in a basic 4-line cross subway network, which was later expanded to include a ring around the CBD, links to key areas.... then more lines as the population and traffic grew.

I used cheats to remove power and water needs, and to unlock all buildings. ( i know its naughty but i couldn't be bothered waiting)

Pretty soon i began expanding into neighbouring tiles and had to extend the subway network.

I eventually slapped an elevated highway through the middle of town which linked New City with the airport, commercial docks and two existing cities in the region.

I have used a lot of lots, mods and bats from STEX, so thank you to all those who created them :)

Pictures to follow...


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