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Building on a region on the Youtubes!

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We finally set off to build a airport for the region, but first we need to upgrade roads and rails around it so they can handle the extra traffic... Airport aficionados of ST, please let me know if I'm screwing things up, because I know next to nothing about RL airport/runway design tongue.gif

Youtube is currently having some issues starting video's for some people (including myself) so if that happens to you, check back later thumbsup.gif


Episode 23: FUBAR

Episode 23 is a special one, I recorded it with the microphone muted accidentally.. Since it is a pretty cool episode nonetheless, with me building a army base in the Reading region, I decided to speed up the footage and put some relaxing music behind it. Hope you'll enjoy!


Episode 14 of my SC4 LP. We visit some things I built while recording the never-released Episode 13 (because of uploading, rendering etc. issues) and revisit some of the transportation system in the main city.


Building some avenues, having mouse troubles, founding a new city and talking about the dangers of upgrading roads in real life. All that in one episode.

This one took me ages to get uploaded, had a lot of issues both on the editing and on the uploading side of things. Hopefully you'll enjoy nonetheless!


Episode 8: Light rail

In this episode I show off all the changes I did off-camera in the region, work on a light rail system to expand the public transport and talk about the future of the SimCity franchise.


Episode 6: Avenue time!

In the sixth episode of my SC4 Let's Play, we upgrade some roads with traffic problems to avenues, and use some TuLEPs for them.

Sound is a little off for some reason, will have to readjust it. Sorry!