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About this City Journal

The stories of Big Bend, USA

Entries in this City Journal


Welcome to Big Bend, an urban area on the Deux Feuilles River, somewhere in the Midwestern US.

The 1st installment will be a quick tour of the central business district.

Downtown Big Bend was laid out in the late 1890s, It was placed far enough back from the river to avoid the frequent flooding, but close enough to still permit easy transportation of goods to the riverboats.


The central business district is surrounded by railroad and expressways.

The railroads lead to the 2 central stations. Prior to the AMTRAK era both stations served long distance passenger trains for different railway companies.

AMTRAK moved everything into Central Station on the south side of downtown.


Afterwards the other station, LaFayette Street Station, sat empty until the mid 90s. In the mid 90s, following massive investment following the discovery of large low sulphur coal deposits to the north, the local government retasked the old station into a new commuter rail hub using high speed trainsets from Europe.


Some of the old viaduct structure that fed into the station from the original rail network still stand as removal would be prohibitively costly.

At the very center of town is Memorial plaza


Downtown has expanded to the south steadily in the last few decades, this area was once all low rise apartment buildings


Coming next will be an overview of the regional transit and rail networks.

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