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About this City Journal

Midnight city is a city that never was

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The Pennsylvania Turnpike

3 weeks ago i created a City Named Midnight city. I was going to Make a CJ out of it. BUT! My computer crashed and i didn't save the game like a fool. So Yeh I might try to recreate the city but right now i'm working on a new project so here's somthing to hold you guys back

Here's some music to listen to while we roll into the forgotten city.



This would of Been the west side Train station that would take Passengers to Midtown


This was the Shadow River.


The West Beach Neighborhood of Midnight city Located in the Northwestern part of the city.


Zoning of the West Side

I had plans to Build this city off Bethlehem PA and Allentown PA


Bethlehem PA

Allentown PA


Thank you for seeing this short lived CJ of a city that eruptly ended.

Stay tuned for My CJ on the Republic of Parkland. And yes i will save this time!

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