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Before we get started with the first ever update, please enjoy some Miss A


Alright, now let's get started! Today, we'll be sticking to downtown Kita Port.


Kita Port has always been known for being original and creative. A man-made island was installed into this vacant space downtown! It was at a high cost, but surely made history seeing as it is a memorial to the late Masako Kobayashi, former head of Kita Port and first female head.


This is a closer look at Kobayashi Island and the surrounding downtown area during a typical weekday.


It's not uncommon for citizens of Kita Port to speak several languages. Here you can see the diversity that Kita Port has acquired over the past decades.


Above, you see the Arakaki- the tallest structure within the city limits of Kita Port, and one of the tallest buildings on the island. It was completed in 2003 is named after Araraki Inc., one of the most successful companies to come from the city of Kita Port.


People of Kita Port are heading home now, and you probably should too! See you next time


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