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New Scotland

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About this City Journal

New Scotland is a mountainous country, with a fascinating history!

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First off, welcome to my new city journal! I hope you enjoy this one, which should be better than some of my previous ones and I should hopefully maintain it a bit longer!

Anyway, here is a quick factfile of New Scotland:

Name: New Scotland

Terrain: Rough mountains, nice rivers and lakes!

My computer is messed up, so I wont be able to right in paragraphs because it gets really annoying, but here is a brief History of New Scotland: The Romans first found New Scotland in 20AD and set up the first town, Bridgechester. It was place along the riverside and had a beautiful fortified bridge (Hence the name). The town was used for trading in and out the area, and hosted a fairly large Harbour. (The pictures are slightly different too the final terrain, and also havent actually got the towns yet!)


They also built several other towns, which you will see in later entries!

In when the Roman era died out, the area was taken over by the Scottish king at the time, before being passed onto the British empire until this present day, although it is still referenced to as New Scotland.

Also, I thought I should put a full scale map in, so here it is:


Next Entry coming soon!

Haso :D

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