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About this City Journal

A weeklt scenic road from Simcity4

Entries in this City Journal


The official nam for the Blanco coast highway is highway 10, it runs between the historic town of Warner, and the city of Portland (not Oregon) The area pictured in this Images is of the part nearing North Portland were a tunnel had to be built threw a steep ridge.


This image is slightly edited in Gimp, and it shows the highway by the coast

:O Please comment


So I decided that the weekly thing was not such a good idea and I am now doing it when ever. I will say however that it will be no less then once a week.

The Price Valley Hwy or Hwy 97 Is a older road that snakes through the low Price valley to avoid the hills and mountain on either side. Built in 1888 as a dirt track between the towns of Westerly and Cranbrook, it also travels through historic Paterson. It was paved in 1940 and since then has had many improvements, such as passing lanes. The area in this image is part of the slow decent down to Westerly, there was once a Glacier in this valley and it left many large rocks, the largest one at the right of this image is called Squamish rock.



I have created this new CJ for showing scenic roads, It will be weekly and will have one to two images in each entry. Sometimes a map of the road or region or city nearby. This it my first one.

The Beufort Mountain HWY is a windy twisty road that heads east west threw the Beufort Mountains, It passes threw historic towns, and is currantly being fixed in many places, Its highest summit is Twin mountain pass.



That failed mosaic was to make it bigger because right now I am not useing online programs, I will soon though. and they entry image is the real one.

More of this highway will come later,

Please comment and give tips if you have some :D thanks

(As well, you can suggest it to be more then once a week as well)

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