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New Abbonia

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About this City Journal

A collection of cities settled by the Marik Ocean. Come and expericnce the rich majesty the Region has to offer!

Entries in this City Journal



Brewinstown is the oldest city in New Abbonia, with it's founding dating back to 1592. The city quickly began a centre of trade, farm products coming inland were traded to the mother country, Spain, and merchants traded goods in the city's multiple markets. Over the years, the city became and industrial and economic centre. With thousands of historic brownstones, a signature red tram system, and a culturally diverse Chinatown, the city is a true representation of New Abbonia's majesty.



Brewinstown's historic ports, dating back over 400 years.


One of many of Brewinstown's parks


Brewinstown's Downtown


Brennton Park, East of Downtown


With tram lines spreading throughout the city, as well as a well-functioning bus and subway system, Brewinstowns Transport Authority is one of the best in the country


Brewinstown's Chinatown District


One last shot of Brennton park after dark


Next update we will look at another port city with a huge college, Falmoutth!

Until Next Time...!



Welcome to the Province of New Abbonia! One of the oldest Provinces in the world, New Abbonia was founded in 1521 by explorer Sim de Leon. It quickly grew to be a thriving territory in the "New World" under the rule of the Spanish Empire. When the country gained independence in 1852, it quickly established itself as a military and economic player on the world stage. After a short rule under Communism from 1937 to 1952, it regained Democracy and grew into the thriving country it is today.


For many immigrants and visitors, their first step onto New Abbonian soil is at Betcalf International Airport. Opened in 2001, it is a key staple of the New Abbonian Region, handling over 45 million passengers annually. The airport is the main hub for Lufthansa. The airport has four runways, 2 capable of handling the A380, and 2 terminals.


Terminal 1: For all domestic Star Alliance flights


Terminal 2: For all international flights


Outside Terminal 2


The line for takeoff


Plenty of parking and hotels around the airport


Next Time, we will see the historic city by the bay of Selmar, Brewinstown.

Till next time...! :}

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