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Note: I know that Hastings is a real world city, and it is located on the south coast of England. However, the Hastings i created in SimCity has no connection with the real world Hastings, nor with England. I just think that "Hastings" is a beautiful name for a city.


Here we can see an aerial photo of Hastings, showing its richest areas. Hastings is a great city located in northern Sim Region.


This image shows one of the most important zones of Hastings: its greatest commercial zone, which is responsible for the creation of several jobs, so this is the area of ​​the city that keeps the majority of citizens earning money.


But not all areas of Hastings are so valued. In the picture above we can see the industrial area of ​​Hastings, which also generates many jobs, however, is a highly polluted area. Also in this area is where all the waste generated by citizens is deposited. Then, due to the high pollution generated, the industrial zone is away from commercial and residential zones.


But there are also highly valued industries in Hastings, as can be seen in the picture above. Besides these industries do not pollute, they are also of high benefit to the population.

And here ends our tour over Hastings. Do not forget to rate and comment if you liked it!

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