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my first cj on a far away land

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Welcome back to Borussia!

SC4 decided to cooperate and let me get some screen shots today so here is the second part of the Amesbury update, followed by our travels through the South Bannockburn Area.

Yesterday we left off in the Upper Amesbury neighborhood, located on the hill overlooking the highway. Downhill and to the west lie more modern homes.



Back onto the highway we encounter many retail stores, a sign we are getting closer to Bannockburn.


More stores.


Homes lie on the hillside as we drive on down the highway.


Away from the highway perched on the hills lie the windmills that give power to many of the locals.


Condos and apartments replace the stores as we continue east.


Driving off the highway we are covered by the shadows of the large condos to our left.



In the middle of the urban mess lies a center of learning and a baseball field for the kiddies to play on.


Grundge meets modern in some places of South Bannockburn



We encounter another school, as well as a pitch and a Gridiron Football field. Both are used by amateur teams.


Beside the sports complex lies St. Nicolas Church, nicknamed "the Church of the People" since it resides among the lower wealth apartments and industries.



We'll end today's update with a view of one of the local parks


Hopefully you enjoyed this much longer update. Thanks for viewing


Amesbury, Part 1

Well if you remember this CJ from like 8 months ago, congratulations! I had planned on doing some updates throughout the winter...and spring...and summer but I stepped away from SC4 for a short break that turned into about an 8 month hiatus haha. I'm not sure how active my CJ will be in the upcoming months since college begins soon, but before it starts I will try to have at least 2 updates for you all to see.

*I intended on having a large amount of photos for this update, but good ol SC4 kept crashing to desktop (woohoo!). So this update will be short (boo)

Okay enough of me talking, lets begin.

Last update we ended in the old port of Port Vale. Continuing on the highway inland we drive into the suburb of Amesbury.


The Amesbury suburban area includes the far edge of Duke's Point, as seen by the grundge above. West side of Amesbury contains many row houses from the industrial days of old.


Down the highway we enter the small but entertaining Old Station Lane, known for its old buildings and plazas. Lots of lil cafe's and restaurants are located here.


Farther out from the Highway and the station lies the suburban areas.


Most of the populace of Amesbury lives here on the hill or close to it.


Close up you can see the Court House and the local pitch. Many of the timberframe buildings were the first businesses in the town. When Upper Amesbury (the occupied area on the hill) and Old Station Lane merged to form the town of Amesbury, each community fielded their top XI and played each other on the pitch. Upper Amesbury won and named the new town Amesbury as a result. On Founder's Day each year a two teams play each other, one from the Lane and one from Upper Amesbury.


Part 2 coming soon. Hope you all enjoyed this (very) short update


Welcome back to Borussia!

We leave our hotel by the soccer stadium and hit the road to see more, after eating breakfast of course! Some of the morning commuters already are at the station.


We head on south and pass by a quiet neighborhood tucked away by the old roundhouse.


Down the road we enter the St. James neighborhood, known for its historic row houses.


A school is located nearby to educate the lil Borussians. The row houses begin to give way to the decaying urban wasteland known as Duke's Point.


The Roosevelt Row cuts off the hood from the railway that divides Duke's Point from the stadium district


Pillar Square marks the historic spot where the Duke of Bannockburn lived in his mansion over 300 years ago. The large estate was aquired by West Borussia in the 1800s and quickly grew into a densely populated area by the early 1930s. Now years of neglect are starting to show as the district has turned into a trash filled eyesore.


The boardwalk along the coast and the parks built in empty lots are the only bright spots


Trash blocks parts of the roads further down.


The school and its grounds offer some non-trash space for the locals


The haze of pollution hangs in the air from the industries located in and south of Duke's Point


Even though most people are quite poor, many still spend numerous summer afternoons at the old ballpark rooting on the Duke's Point Hammers. The 'Working Man's Team' hasn't been too successful in their history but they did make the playoffs this past season.


Blocks away lies Duke's Hammer Co., the go-to spot for hammer production this side of Borussia.


Behind the hammer company lies Hi Rise Park, an area that was redeveloped from row houses into large tenements


Duke's Point in whole


Going south we see less grunge and more historic buildings as we transition into the industrial town of Port Vale. Hotel Port Vale offers great views of the sea, but at a hefty cost per night.


The town is full of industries, as the port that once occupied the coast shipped goods all over the region. A ferry stop is now the only source of boat traffic these days.



Like any Borussian town, Port Vale also has its own football club, Port Vale FC. The club hasn't had much recent success but has won 9 titles since being founded in 1897.


The avenue takes us to the historic brewery, where the best drinks have been made since 1880. The company still brews but nowadays makes more money off of tours.


Less hustle n bustle as we go down the road.


The old railyard sits in between the trees and the high tech waste management center behind the road.


Houses and some old industrial buildings occupy the other side of the road.


That does it for today's update. Next time we'll make our way to back through the East Banks and enter the metropolitan area.


Suburban South Point

Welcome back to Borussia! As stated in the last entry, our journey through Borussia is going to be in more populated areas now instead of the small rural towns of before. Our first stop is the suburb of South Point, which is located NW of the center of the city of Bannockburn (which we will seeing later).

The driver awakens us as we enter the suburban community of South Point, located on the extreme southern tip of the island we criss-crossed in the previous updates. The houses on the shore may be small, but the prices they sell at aren't!


Turning left we drive past the chain stores; typical sights in any suburb.


As seen above, South Point is a mix of multi-level apartments and one family homes. Some neighborhoods have embraced expansion while others have resisted, resulting in apartments being constructed beside houses. Following the highway over the bridge you can see more apartment blocks.


At the eastern edge of South Point is the HQ of a large business that sells something called a tablet computer, whatever that is. Many employees live in the row across the highway. Behind the complex lies the stairs to the sandy beach.


Our driver turns around as our tour of this suburb ain't over yet. Returning over the bridge we turn left and arrive in downtown South Point.


The downtown has been left mostly unchanged for nearly 60 years. Some buildings such as the Old Market and the fire station have been around since before the 1900s. The market still houses many quality vendors even with the competing supermarket being located just down the road.


Nestled between the hi rises and the downtown lies a pocket of homes not yet turned into apartments. With growing populations the transition will come eventually. For now, though, the homes remain.


Past the homes lie hi-rises offering great views of the vast ocean. Many locals walk or bike on the walkway on the coast.


At the southern point of Stafford Isle sits the tallest condos of South Point, Point Place 1 & 2


On the south side even more condos and hotels line the highway. This area is known for its sculpture park located beside the South Point Hotel.


Condos line the highway until it turns back towards downtown.


Overview of South Point: Eastern/SE portion


Western portion


We make our way out of South Point over the East Banks Bridge and continue our tour on mainland Borussia.


As we cross the strait we enter the East Banks neighborhood. Here is where houses become less and less common while apartments and condos become the norm.


The highway takes us south.


The highway bends, giving room for the West Bannockburn Hospital. Beside the hospital is the medical school of Bannockburn University. Many students and employees occupy the housing around the hospital.



We reach another turn in the highway as we encounter the central hub of the East Banks, the stadium district.


Down on the shore lies an old church, a relic of a bygone era in Borussia. Once a popular place of worship, it now is a museum.


The entrance to the museum complex is hidden behind the businesses lining the highway.


The offices along the highway house the jobs of many South Point commuters, while the condos offer views of the entire suburb.


One can't visit the East Banks and not visit the stadium of Railsplitters FC. The club was formed by local railway workers that fixed the rails just yards away from the present stadium. In the club's 118 year existence, they have won 21 league titles as well as numerous tournaments and cups. The club draws fans from all over Borussia and regularly has sellout crowds for home fixtures. Many locals can be seen wearing their favorite 'Rails' apparel.


Our driver takes us to a local hotel for us to relax and get ready for our next stop, the working class neighborhood of Duke's Point.



Borussia is back!

After a couple of busy months, I've finally had some free time to play SC4. The next updates in Borussia will center around the city of Bannockburn and the suburban communities surrounding it. I'm not completely finished with the city, though, so this teaser is all I will be showing so far. The stadium pictured is home to the Bannockburn Bees baseball club, who compete in the West Borussian Baseball League.



Borussia-On hiatus

Well if you've been expecting a new update of Borussia, the wait is gonna be longer. The reason for no updates the last month was due to me being busy with schoolwork, but now that the amount of homework had gone down, I was planning on having a new update this weekend. Luckily for me, the computer that I play SC4 on has some operating system issues that apparently can only be fixed by reseting the computer to factory settings. I'm trying to get the region and all of my plugins onto a portable hard drive, but I'm not sure if it can be retrieved. If I can't retrieve it, I will more than likely try to recreate it myself, or make something new that would be similar to what I had made previously. Borussia will be back in some form, I'm just not yet sure when.


Stafford & Clovington

Borussia is back! I had just enough extra time this week to do this update. So, unless you want to hear more blabbering, let the tour of Borussia continue!

Today we're back on the east coast of the isle, passing by trees, farms and a rocky beach. The water is a lil cool for swimming today.


Following the highway we encounter buildings...


...and a city, too.


This is Stafford. Once the capital of the isle, it now is a tourist spot that still retains many of its old timber-framed buildings. Very few new buildings have been built in the old city due to it being a historical site, and as a result the population hasn't grown much in the last 100 years.

Stafford, just like any Borussian town, has its own soccer club, Stafford FC. The playing complex is nearly 120 years old, but hasn't been expanded due to the strict building codes put in place by the fact that the town is a historical site. The club as a result has a smaller fanbase than most big teams, but has been able to sneak into the upper divisions every couple of years.


Just across the street from Stafford Park is the King's Inn and the King's Theatre. The luxurious hotel offers great views of the area, while the theatre plays the best broadway shows Borussia has to offer.


Past the historic timber-frames lies the old castle of the kings that ruled the isle, Stafford Castle. There may no longer be a king, but the Royal Gardens still remain inside the walls.


Now that we've seen all of the good tourist spots we begin to meander out of the old city and towards the newer part of town.


Down the road we reach the old stone bridge. Turning right, we head down to the new town, which isn't really that new, but is slightly newer you get the point.



New Stafford holds more people than the old city, but expansion is still held back by the status of historical site.



But the new towm has a marina, which is a popular destination for townsfolk during the summer.


Now we backtrack back to the King's Inn to take a well deserved break, and for some food. But before we leave some more views of Stafford




And a night shot


After our stay at the hotel we cross the bridge again and follow the road to our next stop, Clovington.


Clovington is connected to the rails, unlike Stafford. Many citizens take the train south to the metropolitan areas.


Or they stay and spend their spare change at the Clovington Casino & Hotel.


South of the casino lies the small downtown area. It may not be much, but it fills the few needs that the locals have.



By the downtown lies the highway that crosses over the strait separating the town. Fort Clovington looks over the straits from its spot on the hill.



The east side doesn't have much, but does have a small train station. The neighborhood is mainly just another sight to see along the highway when travelling to the cities.


Back across the bridge we drive on up the hill to see Fort Clovington. Built in the early 1800s to warn locals of invaders, the fort and surrounding buildings now play the role of tourist spot. Some say the fort is haunted as many photographs of the fort show it floating with no ground beneath and an oddly colored flag in the center.


We head on down the hill as today's journey comes to a close.


As we leave we pass by farms and some lower income homes.


View of the west side:


The fort, along with the surrounding countryside.


And the area in whole


Next time in Borussia we'll make our way to the metropolitan area of Bannockburn, located on mainland Borussia.


Welcome back to Borussia, lets get started!

We ride the rails on out of Branaugh Wood station.


The tracks take us through the farms outside of our next stop, Stretford.


Our train drops us off at the Stretford station. Walking up the stairs we get a view of a local landmark, the old Prince's House.


The House was built in the 1600s by the island's prince when Stretford was just farms and huts. Now it serves as the city's town hall.


Just past the station is the home pitch of the local soccer team, Stretford Town FC. The "North Enders" have a proud fanbase, but haven't competed in the top flight for 30 years. STFC has still done well in domestic cup competitions, beating the bigger clubs quite often. Fans will usually go to all of the shops around the field after games, as most businesses are in walking distance.


The highway that connects Stretford to the urban areas of Bannockburn is lined with businesses that try to lure in customers.


And just off the highway are the homes of the citizens.


Being in close proximity to the Bannockburn metro area has lead to some growth, but not nearly as much as other towns.


The slow growth hasn't stopped this farm from nearly being surrounded, though.


After stopping for some food we take the highway north (or down in the picture).


Stretford, in almost whole


The highway merges into two lanes as we approach more rural areas.


The highway winds in a straight line through some more farmland.


We approach an intersection.


Just down the road lies the homes of some locals. There's no available room for new housing in Bishop Hill so new homes are built downhill. Most homes here are for those of lower income.


The dirt path takes us by the local docks.


The end of the dirt road puts us back on the highway right outside of Bishop Hill. The General Store has a 2 for one deal on Dr. Pepper today!


Bishop Hill in whole.


We first pass by the town market and some shops.


Across the road from the shops lies St. James Park, the home of Bishop Hill FC. BHFC may have one of the top flight's smallest fields, but that hasn't stopped the team from being competitive and being full of fans every gameday. The Saints won titles in 2005 and 2007 before falling to mid-table the last four seasons.


Wall to wall buildings line the north and west side of the stadium.


Main street is also lined with buildings.


No tour of Bishop Hill is complete though without stopping at the cathedral. Borussian Catholics built the cathedral when the hill was under German control around 1257. The Catholic cathedral is the westernmost Catholic Cathedral in all of Borussia as most West Borussians are Orthodox.


We pull into an inn on the main street and call it a day. Here is the Bishop Hill area in whole.


Thank you for viewing and come back next time as we tour more of Borussia!


Back on the coast

Welcome back to Borussia!

We ended the previous update learning about the community of Walden, and today we'll learn a bit more before we go.

Back in Walden we go by the farmer's market. The stalls are full of locally grown food after the harvest in the fall, but today the stalls are mostly empty as fall has yet to come here in Borussia. Many people still come though to relax with friends and play the popular games that are always set up and running around the market.


As we leave the market we decide to head to our next destination. On our way to the rail station our driver is informed that our ride will not be coming in today due to repairs on the tracks east of Walden. Looks like we're back on the road again.

On our way out of town we pass the Walden Country School, where many of the farm kids go to learn about farm stuff instead of that "non-sense" the town school teaches to its city folk, such as math, language and science.


We make our way through the countryside towards our next stop, Branaugh Wood.

Looks like someone harvested their crops early by the look of the land around this farmer's acreage.


Further down we stop at a general store because one of you just had to go!pitstop.jpg

Back behind the store is the old mill that used to use the pond water to turn its water wheel for years.


Now that you're down in the bathroom back at the store we continue our drive. Just past the store are some old windmills and a ranch. As we take a look at the windmills the smell of the ocean fills the air around us; we're back on the coast.


The highway then takes us by the limestone quarry on the side of Radio Hill. The quarry was used to build the castle in Stafford hundreds of years ago but hasn't been used in years.


The path along the quarry takes us up to the top of Radio Hill and the namesake radio station on the top of the hill. The station, KBGB 91.9, has filled the local airways with everyone's favorite elevator music and news for years. Don't get to close to the edge though, its a long drop to the ocean below.


After hiking up and down the path, our driver takes us into Branaugh Wood to grab us a bite to eat. There's bound to be food somewhere down there in the hamlet.


Downtown has a market eerily similar to Walden's, yet doesn't have as food or games today. Luckily across the street there's a local pizza shop.


To the west of the market is the center of all of your livestock feed needs, the Hay Market. The rest stop and an old warehouse reside near the hay market.


Down the quiet dirt streets we reach the bed n breakfast near the station. Here we'll stop for the day.


The Branaugh Wood area in whole. Following the main road to the right through the forest and farms will take you to back to Green Cape.


Here's a preview of our next stop. It's not completely done yet but should be done by next week. The next updates may be somewhat short as I have school starting again now, but that shouldn't keep me from having at least one weekly update.


I hope you enjoyed today's tour through rural Borussia!


Welcome back to Borussia!

Continuing our trek, we leave Green Cape and make our way to a T intersection


Down the road we drive by the West Banks Motel, a place too prestigious for us tourists. (Lulz)


and past the motel we reach the main street of West Banks. Any souvenir you need can be found in the small shops.


Its a big town, compared to Green Cape. Other than that its pretty small.


There's a football pitch in West Banks, just like most places in Borussia. Football/Soccer is the most popular sport, followed by baseball. A couple of famous professionals began their careers practicing on this local pitch when they were children.


The town also once supplied all of the locals with farm equipment made right here in the middle of town until the company went broke 30 years ago. Tractors and combines were shipped down the rails to small communities all over the area back in the day. Now the building is the only remaining sign of the small town's former industrial glory.



Travelling back on the main highway we see the local geothermal plant and a dock nestled next to the coast and trees.


The driver then takes us to the tourist lookout points south of town. Cabins are located just off the road for those that want to get away from their neighbors in town. The lookouts give a great view of the ocean and the ferryboats leaving and entering the docks.


After snapping some pics from the lookout, we backtrack our way to the T intersection and take the highway out to our next stop. A final look at West Banks


The highway meanders through the forests and farmland...


...and takes us to the town of Walden, just under 5 miles from West Banks.



Walden still has its timber framed buildings around the center of town. Some are nearly 450 years old! Many of the shopkeepers in them will be happy to tell you about the history of the buildings and the town itself. The town hall in the center square also has a small historical museum inside, along with a cafe. Also near the square are the old water tower and the old windmill. Both have been replaced with modern utilities but still stand for tourists to see.


But if history isn't your thing you're more than welcome to relax with an ice cream at the local Dairy Queen.


South of the tracks lies most of the houses of the townsfolk.

"I don't find these exciting..."

Nothing exciting, but without houses where would the citizens live?

"Good Point"


And now the whole town and the surrounding farms.


Next time we'll learn a bit more about Walden, then we'll ride the train to our next stop.



Here is the first update for Borussia! But before we can get to see more we must learn a bit of background info.


This is the flag of the Union of Borussia. Borussia is made up of multiple kingdoms, states and city states that were joined together after civil war 100 years ago in a sort of socialist constitutional monarchy. The people of Borussia have a parliament that has a state house (the Borussian Diet) that represents the states and the people's house (the Populist Diet) which represents the people. Borussia is made up of two ethnic groups: English speakers of Anglo decent and German speakers of German decent. The western lands are mainly English while the eastern lands are populated by German speakers. We'll start our journey in the far northwest on an island that is just off the coast of western Borussia. Our ride will be on a classic Borussian galleon that sails around the waters of Borussia with a handful of tourists.

As we sail through the waters the first glimpse of Borussia comes into view...


We sail down to shore but are informed that we will have to use lifeboats to reach the shore, as there is no dock for us to land at in close proximity.

The captain drops anchor then leads us by sailboat to the shore. Looks like a car is here to pick us up


After we make our way to the car we follow the shadowed road past the foot of Green Cape Hill


The road then takes us to a paved road and a small power station, signs of civilization


And shortly after we reach our first stop, the small community of Green Cape



We grab a bite at the local restaurant and drop off our luggage at the inn. With some daylight left the driver takes us up the hill to see the historic lighthouse that used to guide ships away from the rocks on the coast


Another view of the front of the hill


As night approaches we retreat to the Green Cape Inn. Clouds roll in and out of the area throughout the night


After breakfast we head on south of town to explore more


And the rural Green Cape area in whole


next time we'll visit another rural area, West Banks.

Leave a comment, advice, suggestion, etc.



This picture is as the title says, a preview of my first city journal called Borussia. More info and pics will be coming in the upcoming updates.