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Welcome to my new CJ! I have lurked around and whatnot with CJs in the past, but this time I plan to keep it going a while.

Let's start of with the basic stuff. This CJ has many different architectural influences, mainly North American, Japanese, and Eastern European. For basic mods (since I don't like to wait around for things and run out of money) I use moneytree and a Demand Mod. Other than that I mostly grow my cities unless I want to be particular. So, let's start of with two pictures to give you an idea of what my play style is.


Mid-Rises etc.


A Pond. (Duh)

I like to be particular with how I build, I usually do not have a grey area when it comes to Terrain usage. It's either total control over the terrain in urban areas, or absolutely no modifications to terrain in Natural settings. I also will answer any questions you have. I'm looking forward to Posting more as time goes by. Welcome to Kasatka Prefecture!