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The largest City in the country of Gallaiosio!

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Welcome to the largest city in Gallaiosio!

Quick intro, ive been workign on this for around 2 years slowly but surely and have finally gotten to a point of wanting to show it off :)

Blondon is also the major epicenter of activity in the country! mutiple airports, stadiums and everything in between!

Heres a region shot:


You can see the major Interstates are black:

Running north south is interstate 14 A.K.A. I-14

also the major East West Interstate is I-720

Theres an outer "beltway" I-720-C

The major Avenues will be detailed in a later segment

For the most part the city is a grid orented city but with ne development on the fringes of the city they are changing this.

In this segment we will be starting downtown with a teaser shot :)


Here you can see the "rich" neighborhood just west of the mall

The "center" mall just south of downtown

The downtown area, Known as the Down Town Improvement District or D.T.I.D.

I-14 seperating the "downtown" from the East SIde

Finally the industrial side, more commenly known as the "East Side"

Here you can also see the clean up effort goin on just next to the interstate to change over the East Side to more commercial uses as the D.T.I.D.

As we clean up the area we are moving the industrial areas farther east along the river but set back as to not pollute the river as it is now.

Welp thats it for now i hope you enjoy! expect more to come very soon!