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I've started to work on my first real city in this region. This is going to be a medium sized city, similar in size to Lexington or Birmingham.

I wanted to build this city a bit differently than the other cities I have built. I really tried to step out of my comfort zone and experiment. I call it "Everdale".

I started off with a Chicago-style city center. I placed a round-a-bout and connected as many avenues as possible, I ran the avenues out, the diagonal avenues run just past the CBD, the horizontal and vertical avenues run out of the CBD and into highways that connect four neighboring cities.




Everdale is surrounded by an interstate beltway which connects 8 nearby cities.


This is a region map. I tried to start out keeping all of the cities connected by rail, but as you can see I forgot to include that when I start the Everdale area.

Obviously this is a little advanced in the timeline. I'll go into the creation and progress of the city in a later post.


I thought I started a proper city journal before, but I don't think I did it right, so I'm going to try to move it all here and then pick up where I left off! :D

This is not going to be the best CJ on the Simtrop, nor will it be the most spectacular, but it's going to be my best, and in my opinion, that's all that matters to me.

This is a very large region that I created using paint. It's nothing special, just a giant rectangle that I am shaping into a country.

Here is my nation, The United Cities of Utopia.


Note: These are old pictures, the nation has progressed much, you might see that already, I apologize if this is a repeat.


A closer look.

I like to start off with small farming communities.



One of my farming communities, Flatsville, respectively.

Now begins the journey of how this small group of communities becomes a nation.

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