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About this City Journal

Every week we will have a weekly news briefing with the most relevant for this country

Entries in this City Journal

Jonathan Diez


Name (Official): Federal Republic of Deuterra

Name (Short): Deuterra

Union Membership: Europe Union, United Nations, NATO, OECD, etc.

Capital: San Ángel Díez

Political Divisions: 8 States 1 federal comunity:

Ríoz – La Salle

Galezza – Salvaterra

Catañeiro- Monforte

Benidès – Mediterrá

Forta Lleó – Malagón

Anderra – Monte Real

Valladrid- B. Miladoiro

*San Angel Díez Distrito Capital – S.A.D.D.F.*

Government: Parliamentary republic

President, Vice-President, Presidential Terms: 4 years, Vice-Presidential Terms: 4 years.

Parliamentary Terms: 5 Years

People and Culture

Population: 9,825,200 (Census 2010)

Official Languages: Spanish. Catalan, Italian.

Major Languages (Percent Spoken): Spanish (93%), Italian (24%), Catalan (42%) and Other (5%)

State Religion: None

Major Religions: Christianity (82%), Islam (3%), Judaism (<1%), and Other (<1%)

Major Ethnicities: Celtiberians (44%), Etruscans, Visigoths (39%), Moroccan (7%), and Other (inmigration) (10%)

State Holidays: August 20, national independence days

Others: October 15, January 18, February 2.

Geography, Climate and weather.

Deuterra's climate is Mediterranean, extreme weather, the island has little rainfall in summer and with temperatures around 36-37 ° C in the island and coastal areas around 32-33 º Celsius, in winter rainfall is more frequent, and in upland areas recorded the snow level around 200 meters above sea level with an average minimum cold temperatures to -8 ° C. and 10 max, and in the coast around 19ºC

Map (Location):

deuberia.png By diezjohny at 2012-07-20

deuterra.png By diezjohny at 2012-07-20


Currency: Euro €

Producto interior bruto (GDP) € 214.127 millones (2010)

PIB per cápita € 32.095 (2009)

Crecimiento real PIB (Real GDP growth )1,4% (2T 2010)1

Inflación (Inflation) 3,2% (feb 2011)

Tasa de paro (unemployment) 18,06 (2º trim 2011)2

Importaciones € 3.885,9 (2010)

Exportaciones € .155,7 millones (2010)

For the development of its economy, is considered in general terms as the seventh economy in Europe. The industrial assets are diverse types of products manufactured are main means of transport, electrical and electronic equipment, machinery, chemicals, plastics and processed foods. However, in early 2008 after the global crisis in the U.S.A., and the current crisis in Europe, industry and the commercial area have fallen, in Deuterra there is a phenomenon called "low comercial demand" that gives rise to unemployment in Deuterra, however, it retains a high public transport infrastructure, military, health, education and an excellent standard of living.

Deuterra have a low problems about deficit, or debt, although with de european crisis is likely a slowdown in the economy of Deuterra.

National Symbols

deuterracopia.jpg By diezjohny at 2012-07-20


The history of this island in general terms, we can mention that it became a colony, The fight was by the total control of the island, with the italian and spanish power, since the two nations was settled by the Romans and some celtiberians but was long ago, the island began to be populated by Spaniards in the east and south, the Italians north of the island.

When the Spanish empire began to fall, the deuterrians felt a sense of nation, they did not feel Italian or Spaniards, they felt the desire to be a nation, and as Latin American countries began their fight for independence, deterrians wasted no time and the struggle for independence was on August 20, 1820, when Spain granted the charter of independence, Italy did not recognize, then Italy claimed the island as his, but made 200 Deuterrian territorial agreements, leaving the own power of the island by the official name of Deuterra, in August 20, 1853.

Other historical data:

fall of the Deuterrian monarchy in 1892

Deuberian Revolution: January 18, 1929

-Participation to the 2nd World War in support of the Italian axis.

Deuberia Annex to the European Union in 1992


Every week, we will be showing the most relevant news to happen in Deuterra, and also we know each of the cities that make up this country. We hope you enjoy it, we try to improve the images, and now we show a little of what we will show throughout this CJ. Welcome to Deuterra :party:

bahiamilladoirojul33813.png By diezjohny at 2012-07-20

monfortejan201213248565.png By diezjohny at 2012-07-20

monfortemar620135649326.png By diezjohny at 2012-07-20

monfortemar251413272003.png By diezjohny at 2012-07-20

sanangeldezdec258613564.png By diezjohny at 2012-07-20

sanangeldezjan238513409.png By diezjohny at 2012-07-20

tropicossanangeldiezfeb.png By diezjohny at 2012-07-20

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