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Convention Notes

The Pennsylvania Convention Center combines historic preservation and architectural innovation with state-of-the-art technology, making it one of the most adaptable, high-tech convention centers in the nation. And, its convenient Center City location means meeting here couldn’t be easier.Located in the heart of downtown Philadelphia,this is one of the few convention centers designed to be uniquely woven into the city’s landscape. Within a short, safe and scenic walk, visitors have access to literally hundreds of restaurants, shops, cultural institutions, attractions, and other downtown amenities, not to mention 8,500 hotel rooms.Inside, the Convention Center is strictly 21st Century. The meeting facilities and technology are state-of-the-art. And you’ll find the ambiance and amenities are hotel-like in both scope and quality.The soaring Grand Hall and Ballroom occupy the historic Reading Terminal train shed. And the Reading Terminal Market on the ground level has been cleverly incorporated into the design, allowing modern-day visitors to shop there, just as they have been doing since 1892.






City Hall Notes

The enormous city hall is still the tallest and largest masonry building in the world. Since no steel frame was used, the walls at the first floor are up to 22ft thick to support all the weight from the floors above. The eight floors, each about 16ft high, look like just three floors from the outside. The central tower reaches a height of 511ft. It is topped by a statue of William Penn. The massive statue is 37ft high and weighs 27 ton. It is just one of 250 sculptures created by Alexander Calder for both the interior and exterior of the city hall. The building's more than 600 rooms are organized around a central courtyard, which can be reached via the large archways on each of the four sides. Many of the rooms are lavishly decorated, including the Reception Room with blue and gold ceiling and red marble columns, and the Conversation Hall which boasts a magnificent chandelier.



Market Street, originally known as High Street, is a major east–west street in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. For the majority of its length, it serves as Pennsylvania Route 3. Market Street cuts the city in 2 from East to West, following Penn's plan.