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Just some mmp stuff

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Hey members of the st community this isn't really a proper city journal don't worry i'm in the process of making a region but that is still a work in progress especially since i had to destroy a tile cause i got a major graphics issue :( but anyway in this journal i'll be creating small mmp (eye candy scenes) using landscaping tools i'll show the raw screenshot unedited i'll then do some photoediting using photobuckets editing program and make the picture look real nice so any way i present you with Kayak River Journey

The Unedited pic

Greenshot_2012-07-09_19-11-14.pngAnd the edited pic :)Greenshot_2012-07-09_19-11-14-1.jpg?t=1341818434Hope you enjoyed when I was going through I realized a couple of things i'm sorry about the grid and the cursor.

For the record this my first time photo-editing so yeah it may not be as good but im getting the hang of it :)

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