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About this City Journal

A brief story into the nation of Arcadia and it's regions.

Entries in this City Journal


Hello there and welcome to my very first CJ! First of all I'd like to say that this modding community is simply amazing, the detail and amount of work that every single person does to create their own cities and mods is simply astonishing and I'm glad to be here. So without further delay let's get to it.

Bastion, Arcadia's capitol, spans south of the region, bordering it's beautiful coasts that spans as far as the eyes can see, due to it's specific location, Bastion is the main transportation hub of the region in which transportation hubs intertwine to deliver and collect resources from other cities. Due to this, Bastion has developed into a sprawling metropolis with a heavy hand in the trading industry, everything from foodstuffs, to electronics and cosmetics all travel through this busy metropolis.


Here we can see the towering skyscrapers that loom over the city, the views within these very buildings are astonishing, at one side you can see the beautiful boardwalk and coast and on the other you can see the city for miles, due to this, a ferris wheel was contructed not long ago to make use of these gorgeous views for entertainment and tourists alike as many people flood the streets to enjoy the nightlife, generating a nice traffic flow to enjoy sightseeing before heading towards the Indoor Market located just south of it.


Above is the Indoor Market, where hundreds of shops sprawl inside of this building, divided into 2 wings, one side containing a farmer's market and food court to enjoy delicacies within the region, and the other containing popular clothing stores and electronics stores.


Here we can see the highway that crosses through the city, the heavy flow of traffic has forced the city to build multiple tunnels and leadways that intersect each other to help out bottleneck avenues that are flooded with traffic.


And the final photo for today, the highway leading into and out of Bastion, sprawling towers greeting you as you enter, giving you a feel for what's to come.

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