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Well, this time im going to show you some Seashore nature-friendly developments usin as natural barrier the threes.

(Actually i've never learned how to set Seawalls xD, neither where to find good ones)

Fisrt Marina:



It's Royal Capital's 315 year and the Local Federal administration decided to allow new Luxury Condos developments over the sea in front of the New Royal Koharu International Federal Airport.

Here is the first view of Project's progress



After extensive negotiations. the members of the former states gobernors of the Republic of Circosia dedided to sign the Commercial, militar and logistic agreement, through which the Federal Union Of Republican Independent Cities were created, granting to every city an independent government system but, keeping the union and commonwealth of Kingdom, no city can deliberately take decisions without consultating to the Commonwealth Royal Assembly, Royal Commonwealth Gobernor and to the Federal Assembly of Legal Issues (Senate).

The Raise of an Empire



- White background means the new begining

- Red lines mean each city new borders

- The Griffins mean the Royal Commonwealth's Services (Royal Army, Federal Police, Royal Airforce and Royal Commonwealth Space Force)

- The Crown means the Federal Commonwealth's Royalty

- The Blue Squares mean the Federal United Republican Independent Cities

- The Squad and Compass mean the Masonic Cities Design



- The map i decided to use for this Magnificent country is called Saint - Tropez


And it can be downloaded from:

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