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About this City Journal

The birth of a capitol in a fictional world

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Well ive decided to start a new region and have named it "The American Confederation" Im not going to let you guys get bored with the history so lets just say in an alternate reality a new nation has been born, and the city journal will be to show the development of its capitol region.


Thanks go to Drunkapple for his beautiful Liechtenstein region which I have chosen for this journal

Now for the flag of our new nation


and our coat of arms and Chancellors Seal


This nation is ruled by a Chancellor no President and is also ruled by an Imperial Congress and Imperial Justices

Im going to be attempting to create a realistic Capitol in this City Journal so any and all feedback and criticism will be welcomed as

I said im going to be going for realism here and will be using the RHW and NWM on a large scale for the first time in SC4

Thanks go to Drunkapple, the NAM team, the RHW NWM teams, the makers of the alternate american flag and seals, and all

the BATters and Modders out there for the works ive downloaded.

Thats it for all now thanks for viewing

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