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Northgale Isles

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My first city journal

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Ivrox Coast

Okay this is my fist ever city journal so it will be nowhere near perfect or anything.

This is the beginnning of my construction of the Northgale Isles. I am starting on the mainland with a small town called Ivrox coast. It will start small and grow bigger. Here is what I have so far:


The main road of the, well, hamlet I suppose. It will become bigger in time.


This is the windmills where the village gets it's power from. It also includes a substation. The roads are trecherous in winter because of rockfall.

Future plans for the village.

Build a little chuch and school

Make it generally larger.

In the future it will have a ferry terminal to other islands and parts of the mainland. However I've not made any of those yet.

And that is what I have so far. If anyone has any suggestions/comments I am welcome to hear them. Also I'm thinking of using a new terrain mod. Any suggestions?

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