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Altezza County

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So Altezza is growing, not quickly but slowly emerging in to a regional hub. The first trainstations have erupted and even the sawmill has gotten it's own rail connection. (there is even talk about a new sawmill as forest reserves are depleting) Altezza has about 13000 people now, up from the previous entry of about 3000. There is a high school and several primary schools and clinics and the aproval of a recreational harbor has made Sims happy who like to explore the Altezza river. A port made the export of farming products possible. The desposal of garbage is done by the carbon filtered incinerator that supplies the town together with wind mills of power. The whole town is still reliant on it's abundant forest reserves, farming and small businesses. Hope you like it, any tips more than welcome!!



Just started on SC4 again after a long pause.

Altezza county will be ha rural area that's heavily forested, it has agriculture and logging as main industries but later on I'll ad major city centres, I like to create cities naturally as I go, not planning ahead.

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