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My region from April, 12, 2011 to current times.

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Those sims, bad, bad.

They are quite demanding. Pun, do you see it? Never mind that. I have a large space in the district of New Saint Ralph called Zeus. I consider my region one big city and my cities and districts in my one big city.

Zeus District is very promising. In just one corner connected to a huge amount of other district already has 400,000 sims. Problem is, sim complain of unemployment, despite all the jobs available. I have a lot of transit types, monorail, avenues, highways, rail and elevated rail and subway systems. So, I'm combatting commute times. What I hate is that these potential employers abandon their buildings that took forever to grow and this saddens me.

I suppose I'll just work on surrounding districts to create me demand and rebuild the skyscrapers.

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