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Buggabaloo City

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Buggabaloo City


This is a somewhat saddening picture of a city which recently endured a nuclear meltdown. Not many people want to live in an irradiated city which only has menial industrial jobs anyway. Americans call it the Detroit of Europe while locals just call it a sad series of coincidences that killed a fantastic city which seemed to have been going somewhere.

The mayor recently committed suicide after discovering his wife was cheating on him and that the entire city disliked him. The pressure just must have been way too great. Elections for a new mayor are in the process, but with how things are going the city might just hand itself over to the federal government so that maybe, just maybe the city can get some help. Already there are posters throughout neighboring cities asking for donations to clean up the nuclear site and the city which seems to be going nowhere.

I hope you enjoyed this small entry. I probably won't have a follow-up

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