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(The map is from the STEX and edited by me.)

The name Menomonie is the name of the American Indian tribe that first inhabited the area centuries ago. The region is set along the shores of the (fictional) Great Lake Chippewa. Located in the Upper Midwest, the area is known for its water recreation, rural-suburban feel, and good quality of life. Four counties in all make up the greater Menomonie region: Michigan, Grant, Wood, and Pierce. The largest municipality is the City of Preston located in Grant County and the smallest is the Village of Tipler in Wood County.

Chosen by the voters of the four counties the in mid-70's."Menomonie" was selected for the name of the governmental body formed to better represent and promote the villages, cities, and counties to the state and nationally. The body is chaired by four permanent members and three at-large representatives, all must be residents of region. Agency responsibility's include tourism promotions, transit administration, wastewater treatment, regional airports*, low income housing**, parks and recreation planning, and developing long-term land use framework.

(*shared with the state DOT)(**Section 8 and EOH/ ADA compliance)