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About this City Journal

A city journal by a Swede, who ust whanna try CJ out.

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New development

Stackholmia is growing, business and people are moving in.So many people move in that stackholmia had a CO demand blast, unempoyment where a big problem.


But they managed to get out of that dark period, and the Residential demand rocketed up and people where getting richer. vncg.jpg


quick background story

Ok a quick background story of Stackholmia:     The year is late 2009 the financial crisis is still going on. Sweden, The largest country in scandinavia decides that they both need to get people out of the major cities and out in the countryplaces, Because Stockholm the capital of Sweden can't ceep up with the demand of both residential, office and industrial demands. 10 years later, a long time since the MSP

(Miljö Stads Programmet, translation: Environmental City Project) started. It's now the year 2019, and Sweden has started the MSP project.

Stackholmia is the first try to move people out of the cities and start new small towns. That's what the CJ is about.

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