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About this City Journal

WWI in a steampunk world.

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Endersby Returns

Sorry guys, I've been a little busy, as I've been moving house and I have bought a new computer, meaning I will have to reinstall all my old plugins, so I hope to return to entries in about September!

-Hahei (sorry, no pics)


Happy New Years!

Happy New Year everyone! I apologise for my hiatus, and I will return to updating regular entries shortly. In the meantime, here is a new year photo:


I hope you all have a wonderful new year, I have been working on something big...

Oh, and

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City of Hastings

Hi everyone! Today I'm feeling far to lazy to do a proper update, but I do have a tirelessly photoshopped picture!

Somewhere in what we call the US state of Maine...


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Hi everyone! Today, I just wanted to take some time to reflect on how I've changed as a CJer. At first I was lousy, spraying whatever I could find on my terrain, plopping down a few buildings, taking a snapshot and putting it on my CJ. That was my first CJ, the United Kingdoms of Praqcuis which wasn't exactly a success. After a bit of a break from Simcity, I came back, slowly but surely getting better. I wanted to thank three people today, they were the ones that drove me to success.

Coming third is: Sursprule14

Every week, I went to his win column to see the incredible CJ's he featured. I was inspired by these, and when I first got into the CJ, I was tearfully happy. I had achieved a SimCity dream.

Coming second is: NMUSpidey

Spidey commented on almost every CJ entry I've ever done, giving me advice and encouragement along the way. He has helped me become the CJer I am today.

And, coming first, is (drumroll please) Ggamgus

His advice and kind words helped me when I was an early CJer, from telling me to turn off the grid to showing me how to upload pictures. Ggamgus truly deserves an award for the way he encourages beginner CJers and keeps them going to the Simtropolis citizens they are today. Thank you.

Now, for your viewing pleasure:

1. "The Beach"


2. "Avalon"


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To everyone who commented, a big thanks!


Entry Time!

The boy drove down the dirt path, the sheep gazing at him as he drove. He was tired. The inn he had stayed at was not the most comfortable, and anyway, why sleep when there were card games downstairs? He continued to drive through the towns outskirts:


About 15 minutes past, and then he pulled into a small, craggy road, which soon, however, turned into a stately driveway, although littered with sheep. He came to a grand mansion, and was greeted by a slightly smug looking butler: "Good morning, sir. Welcome to the manor of Lady Charlotte Thompson".


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Journey's End

Still on the train...

The young man watched as the blue sky became a pink- cyan, and wispy clouds filled the atmosphere. He gazed out of his window as more farms and houses appeared. He then fell asleep.


When he awoke, he was in the midst of much hustle and bustle. People grabbed their suitcases and belongings, and stepped off the train. He realized where he was...


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On a steam train leaving Scotland...:


It was a warm summer day leaving Edinburgh, though there was a chill in the air, reminding the people that autumn would be here soon. A young man sat, quietly admiring the scenery as it changed from rocky moors to meadows to farmland. A butler came and handed to him a menu. He glanced at it, and ordered some lobster. He watched the plume of smoke disappear into the distance as he sipped quietly from his glass. He was about to see his cousin and great-aunt in Oxford, whom he hadn't seen for quite some time. He glanced outside, muttered some incomprehensible phrase, and returned to his book.


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The Titanic

I am sorry, I will not be able to respond to comments today.

Out at sea:


One night a storm struck:


Though for the most part it was happy sailing:


But Then.....:


The Titanic gently cuts through the calm and peaceful waters. The ship's lights are turned off so everyone can admire the beautiful ocean. But the captain failed to notice a large iceberg. It scraped into the side of the ship, allowing thousands of gallons of water into the ship.The lights went on, people panicked and within hours, the ship began to sink. The next picture will show the destruction.


Never again should we let a disaster like this happen...

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New York City

Hello! Sorry, I'll reply to comments next entry. Anyway, on with the (fairly minimal) entry! Let the pictures speak for themselves:






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Hello! I'd like to thank everyone who commented (and very generously too) on my introduction. You may want to keep checking back at this entry because there will be more and more characters added in each month! But today, we'll just have to make do with the first 7 :}.

1. Lady Charlotte Thomson


Information: Once married to the late Lord John Thomson and also was close friends with Her Majesty Queen Victoria, she resents modern, steam driven technology as well as biological advances. She lives in Oxford with her 15 servants and granddaughter.

Image Source:http://enchantedsere...nton-abbey.html

2.Martha Hughes


Information: Lady Charlotte's grandaughter,

and a biologist at heart, has two twin siblings,

one living in Paris and the other in Auckland

and Sydney. (But not at the same time) Although

her father is in the Admiralty, her mother

died of smallpox.

Image Source: http://enchantedsere...nton-abbey.html

3.Miss. Mary Lacota


Information: Devoted housekeeper to Lady Charlotte and

Martha, she happily follows them to wherever

they go. Not much is known about her

relations or childhood, though.

Image source:http://enchantedsere...nton-abbey.html

4.Nikola Tesla


Information: Nikola Tesla, another

father of electricity, resides at

the Waldorf Astoria hotel in New

York. His two English assistants,

Edward and John Benedict, twin brothers,

help him with is high tech and sometimes eccentric


Image Source:http://tidesofepicne...ce-balance.html

5.Edward Benedict


Information: Unlike his brother, Edward is a

serious and very stern soul. Growing up

with his brother in London, before moving

to Istanbul because of his parents diplomatic

careers, chose to work with Tesla in 1910.

Image source: Photobucket

6.John Benedict


Information: John is

a kind and fun loving

sort of person. He is working

with Tesla and his brother,

although he secretly wants to

be an airship captain.

Image source: http://davidtennantt...01_archive.html

Dr. James Guggenheim


Doctor. Guggenheim is a

German doctor currently

living and working for the

Red Cross in Geneva. He

enjoys hiking in the alps

with his only son.

Image Source: http://enchantedsere...nton-abbey.html

That's all for today, but I couldn't let

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Welcome to my new CJ Endersby. It is set in a parallel history around the First World War. I have been very much inspired by the CJ Endora on SC4devotion and the Leviathan trilogy of books. Some entries will show cities, battles and events while others will show a cast of characters similar to The Sensational Six.They will be introduced in the next update.




NY, USA is a huge port city on the

East Coast of America. It sells anything from

cars to mechanical walkers. The city

is currently planning on building a

giant airship landing port, the

largest on Earth.



The city's importance mainly rests on the

location of the city itself. Britain and Russia's

maritime trade is checked at the city's borders.

Industry, markets and mosques abound in this metropolis.



Paris is a city noted not only of it's power, but

the city's beauty. Hot air balloon rides and boating

down the Seine is popular for both tourists and

residents alike.



The industry of Moscow is not

matched by any other city.

The sky is rarely seen, darkened by

the likes of smog and airships.


London, also known as the City of

Darwin, is mainly famous for it's

amazing amount of animals and

plants sharing the city with people.

Genetic engineering also abounds in

this jungle of trees and buildings.


Delhi, India is a British colony as well as a bustling city

of 250,000. Livestock, soldiers and townsfolk roam

the streets, looking for bargains in the food stalls and markets.


Tokyo is a well known city in Japan.

Famous for it's technological advancements

in the fields of mechanics and engineering, this

massive city commands the second largest university

on Earth.


Geneva, a pristine city in Switzerland, home

to the Red Cross,

is an important city in the fields of

humanitarian aid and medicine.It is a

popular destination for French, Italian and

German tourists.


This ancient city mainly

focuses on the arts and

tourism to keep the

economy stable. This picture

shows the Parthenon, a popular

tourist destination.


Although China is mainly cut off from

the rest of the world, it is still an important

trade location. This photo shows part of

the Forbidden City.


Germany, one of Europe's, or quite certainly,

the one of the world's most powerful nations,

exercises that power under the rule of the Kaiser.This picture shows the Brandenburg Gate, in Berlin.


Only one this month:


I hope you enjoyed this entry. A similar one

will be published each month. One of the next entries

will introduce the characters, and the one after that will show the city of New

York in all it's glory. See you then!

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