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Alexandria Schools add Civil Engineering program

Public school in Alexandria, Daynemark have extensively been adding new

programs to make the city more appealing to migrants from other countries

and to the Daynes living throughout Daynemark. The schools of Alexandria

have been overhauling since the public school rating dropped from three to

one and a half stars from last year's review. The schools have actually been

cutting back the last few years instead of pushing forward like many Daynish

cities in the area have been. Portia, a suburb north of Alexandria, has one of

the best school districts in the country with eighty-seven percent of the class

of 2011 graduating.

The Civil Engineering program is put together by five local architectural

and civil engineering companies and two national companies; Linkin Architects

and Phillip Engineers. The program plans to recruit about fifteen students in the

first year and have about thity-five by the next school year. In the program you

will learn many civil engineering techniques hands on. The program has decided

that there will be about seven field trips to places like Aidel, Portia, and the

University of Southern Daynemark.

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