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Beren Erchamion

Anderson Bay is a natural harbor of the Alanson Ocean, located on the west coast of Merduria. The region around Anderson Bay remains sparsely populated; Emperor Norton I of Merduria first opened this area to settlement fifty years ago, and to this day it is a primarily agricultural region.


(if Anderson Bay looks like the San Francisco/Oakland Bay area, that's because it is--the base map for this is phuzzy3d's ).

The "major city," as it were, of the Anderson Bay area is Gary. With a population of roughly 2,100, Gary is the only incorporated community in the region, and is the hub of all activity. Boasting both a Home Depot AND a Wal-Mart, as well as a Pizza Hut(!), Gary is clearly a metropolis in the making. Mayor Harold Hill is certainly proud of his community, and urges you to come visit the weekly performances on the bandstand.

Once they can budget the money for it and build it, that is.


South of Gary, you'll see the Peabody-Prine Coal Company's Big Green Muhlenberg mine. Coal from this mine is shipped via Mr. Peabody's coal train to feed the Anderson Bay Power Cooperative's Gary Plant. Currently, ABPC Gary consists of a single generating unit, with a capacity of approximately 8 GWh.

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