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Building Airports big and small

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Sorry for the long hiatus, i had my busy days...so let i continue, then

Izuna Kamui International Airport Expansion - Phase One contents :

- Expansion of the 3000 meter runway into 3400 meters and construction of additional taxiways.

- Construction of a new modern terminal, Cargo facility and Maintenance Hangars & Control Tower

- Installation of new VOR, Approach Lights.


Airport Overview.

It was in the mid-2000s when the terminal re-opened. Before the re-opening, travelers used the nearby Nagi Airfield (later became the Air Force base when the new airport opened).


The International Wing. Mostly Asian carriers are serving the airport with connections to various points in the world.


The Domestic Wing. Serving to other cities of the country.



New Cargo Facility and Maintenance Hangars.


Near the airport is a beach area and a park. Beachgoers would watch planes take-off and land here, I wish i could planespot around there. (This area may be gone when phase two materializes).

- First project finished. Tune in for the next one!



Hello and welcome to Drack's Airport Projects Journal. Here I will post projects of airports that serve my cities, from small General Aviation airfields to large-scale international airports, we build airports that serves the community and the economy. My first airport project to be in this journal is the Izuna Kamui International Airport, an airport fronting the Izuna Bay serving over 7 million passengers annually (just in my imagination.)

But before I show the finished work, let me start off with the airport's history.


Izuna Airport began as a small airfield built during the late 1940's. It only consisted of a few hangars, small buildings and a 700 meter runway. As time progresses, the airport was expanded little by little extending the runway's length and construction of a small terminal buildings. In the 1970's, a large terminal opened and a new 3000 meter runway was constructed.



Despite the new terminal however, the airport cannot keep up with the growing capacity of the airport, and a new expansion plan was being studied. The plan consists of a runway extension of 3300 meters, a new modern terminal, a larger cargo terminal, new navigation aids and ILS systems and maintenance hangars.


In the late 1990s, the airport was closed for the expansion plan, and airport operations was temporarily transferred to Nagi Airfield (later turned to an Air Force Base after the re-opening, stay tuned for a journal entry on this one). Thank you for reading and stay tuned for the next journal entry featuring the airport today.

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