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About this City Journal

My first foray into city journals and my first interaction with the Simtropolis Community

Entries in this City Journal


Hi there, I've been playing the Sim City series for over a decade now, but only found Simtropolis and the potential that the community have added to SC4 in the last 2 years. I've always wanted to make a city journal but never felt my cities were really good enough until I had some practice with the ridiculous amounts of custom content. So a year and a half later I've finally made something I feel is worthy of starting a city journal with. The image is pretty big so I hosted it on the new stash feature from deviantart. Not sure if simtropolis can host images this large, if anyone knows let me know please.

My link

Its unnamed, and took about 2 days of on and off work. The buildings are mostly just placeholders. The majority are still maxis buildings which I plan to replace. The city is self sufficient too, it actually functions and is profitable which I like to do when working on good looking cities. Any suggestions or recommendations on how to improve or change parts of the city as it stands would be very much appreciated.

With this City Journal I plan to upload bits and pieces; some good, some bad. And finally I might cover how I do things in my kind of semi-newbie way and learn from some local veteran players at the same time =)

Thanks guys,


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