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About this City Journal

my cj kind of looks a lot like NYC or MANHATTAN

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this is the real Liberty city.Had made my counts and the second and the downtown area is all commercial.Commercial through the whole city is 989,020.THAT'S A LOT!!Residential is 60,000 not so much.Industrial is acter industrial park.These are the names of the islands.1.is Dukes/Broker 2. is Bohan 3.Algonquin 4. is Alderney.The pictures will amaze you!!I Guarantee it.libertycityjan514013331.pnglibertycityjan914013331.pnglibertycityjan314013331.pnglibertycitydec221391333.png


NYC part 2

This is part 2 of the city. part 1 is the first entry so this is what makes it part 2.Now part 2 is commercial because its very easy to build then residential.That's for sure.Also if you see a manhattan streetlight then its LRM 4.0.Now its all in high land value. so that's pretty much what i have so far.So comments if you like the pictures.newcityapr2426133211409.pngnewcitymar2726133211407.pngnewcityfeb8211332113924.png


The city of MAHATTAN

Well lets get started.I fbi123 have made my city of MANHATTAN(NYC). Or new york city wherever you perfer.Now to the city.OK the city is over 400,000 for residential and over 700,000 commercial jobs.its split into 3 islands.1 is for residential,2 is for commercial and 3 is for industry which there's none in the city.Now wait for the pictures ok.The garbage is so low in the downtown area for some reason. The safety is so high and so is medical and education.Now to those pictures here you go.newcityjan5211332113904.pngnewcityfeb8211332113924.png

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