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A City in the Mountains

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Welcome to the great mountain city of Aurora we are very glad you took time out of your busy schedules Mayors to view this growing city. Today I would like to show you the city's brand new regional airport, tunnel express way, and future subdivision areas. In a recent SNN interview with the mayor, he was asked about the future of the city. He replied by saying " it all depends what the citizens make of there time here, one of my main focus points will be education and health" said Mayor Farmer. Next week the city will unveil the new plans for a military base.


Aurora Regional Airport (government heli-pad)


Tunnel Express Way I-295 (Airport to Downtown)



Welcome to the city of Aurora,we are very glad you took time out of your busy schedules mayors to view our great city. The city of Aurora was established January 3, 1945 and for many years the city was only one street. On January 1, 2000 the town of Aurora was demolished and all power and direction of the city was given to appointed Mayor Clifford Farmer. Since then the city and county has tripled in size. Mayor Clifford has unveiled new plans for the city by saying "these new projects will put our city on the map with a regional airport, shopping malls, and world class resorts, this will surely be a first class city in the mountains". We hope you have enjoyed the tour of our GREAT city,please stay tuned for many updates such as the building of the regional airport and watch the city as we prepare for the 2012 CEO summit meetings in the coming of days.


Overview of the city (incomplete)


Aurora Family Christian Center (local church)


Along this road is where future shopping malls, restaurants,and subdivisions. (Far right of screen is where regional airport will be built)

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