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About this City Journal

The logs of Aidan Cheddar playing Micropolis or Cities Skylines.

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Well, it seems I'm stuck being a Windows user for a while with SimCity 5/2013 coming out by next week. Though, as much as I can't wait for the new SimCity, I need something to hold me over. SimCity 4 crashes too much on 7, 3kU has comptiability issues, and the older ones just won't work peroid due to origins going back to 16bit DOS days.

Then they'res Micropolis. Up until now, I was under the impression that no Windows existed, assuming all there was just the source code and OLPC package. No more! A pure Java port was made just for the cross-compitability. I'm not a fan of Java, but if it means being able to play my favorite game, then I'll deal with it. Thankfully, the .cty files are still compitable, despite yet another rewrite of the game.


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