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Mayor Schriver

Kinney's SLB Bid

Hey, guys. I'm brand new here. I've had the game for some time, but through computer nukes/crashes and so forth, I've lost a few good cities. For the past few months, I have been working on Kinney, a typical mid-American town of about 300,000 sims modeled loosely on St. Louis/Kansas City/Omaha/Pittsburgh/St. Paul. Basically, a city that grew with the river and railroads, with cool art-deco and pre-War skyscrapers in its CBD. I didn't use any mods on this city, and only one cheat to get all of the possible rewards (after the game RUDELY denied me my Grand Railroad Station and Bureau of Bureaucracy, despite my city meeting the requirements.44.gif)

Kinney's Central Business district is located at the juncture of the Pine and Sesquahoyah Rivers. Business boomed here in the early days of the city, as it was an ideal place to load and unload goods, and ship them up or down the rivers. All of the city's major skyscrapers are in this area to this day. Eventually, with the advent of railroads in the city, a secondary business district (Midtown) evolved around the intersection of two major lines.

Anyway, there will be more detailed updates later. This post is about proving that I have the stadium and the sims for an SLB bid. Screenshots below (note: my region is VERY much still a work in progress):


291,000+ sims...


Bank of Kinney Field-- home of the Kinney Earls-- before a $100 million renovation. The stadium was originally built in 1954 as a utilitarian grandstand in hopes of attracting a franchise. It is located in the La Fontain neighborhood, due west of Midtown and across the I-40 from the Grandstand-Emerson neighborhood.


The ballpark, post renovation.


Downtown Kinney, by night.


And, by day!

Anyway, I hope the Earls are up to snuff to compete in the SLB. I'm looking forward to posting here and will update on my city and region periodically!


Mayor Schriver

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