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About this City Journal

Replicating and recreating Sydney, one of the world's most beautiful harbour cities

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Sydney - The Harbour City


Sydney is Australia's largest and probably most glamourous city.

It's also my city. Yesterday, on Australia day, as I was sitting on the back of the ferry to Manly, one of Sydney's famous beachside suburbs, I was inspired to recreate, and where possible, replicate the Harbour City. This will be the process I go through to do so!

I've changed and I'm changing a few little things that I feel need to be done so from both a role-playing and practical point of view, like amalgamating some of Sydney's 40-odd local government areas into The Sydney Authority and increasing public transport options as much as I can.

Kudos and credit to drunkapple for his incredibly daunting but exciting rendition of Greater Sydney which I will be using for this project. If anyone sees anything in my updates that I don't credit, please comment and I will make sure that credit is given where credit is due.