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Nieuw Breukelen

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About this City Journal

this means in english New Brooklyn. Here you see from beautiful nature to high density Cities!

Entries in this City Journal


Brooks Town

Hello Folks.

Today im back with a brand new entry, called Brooks Town.

I think you saw the skyline of the city already, and otherwise you see it here again:


Now you saw the skyline we move to the port:


And today the celebrate the freedom of the city, that was captured by Barbarians who live in the other country, 500 years ago...:


Please leave a like or comment.

-maybe im gonna do the next with this city again, or otherwise i will build an brand new city! :D


Hello once again folks!


Here you see the completed administration centre.


and here you see the completed houses.


This is the most expensive neighboorhood of the city. A single condo can cost here over a million!

I hoped you liked this new entry.



Hello Folks!

Im sorry ive uploaded nothing in a while but i was busy with school etc.

But now im back with a new city called Queenstown!


Here you see the city centre. On the construction lot will be the administration centre of the city, and you see the soccer/football stadium of the city.


Here you see a district of the town where only people live. at the construction lot will be coming houses.

I hope you liked my new update and there is coming more out of Queenstown

-In the next update you gonna see the harbor and some other districts


New City!

Hello Folks! this my brand new CJ called Nieuw Breukelen! and Every week a new CJ!

We start with my city called West New Breukelen. Here you see a Junction not far from the center of the city;


And now were gonna look at the center;


I know, this was not a really long one, but im gonna post more!

Please comment and 1+

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