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About this City Journal

A tropical paradise built on three main islands and small clusters.

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Welcome to the Aquamarina Atoll! Our beautiful island nation has some of the world's finest resorts, casinos, beaches, resturaunts, and entertainment! The city planners from all of our nation's islands are hoping for input, and tourists. So, let's talk about the details in our Republic.

CIA Nation Facts:

Name: Aquamarina Atoll

Capital: Citrus City (152,000)

Largest Cities: Citrus City, Shimmer City (103,000), Topaz Town (1,240)

Peak: Mt. Catastrophe (4,267 ft. above sea level)

The islands that makeup the Atoll are:

Palm Island

Vice Island

Circa Island

Lemon Island

Pearl Island

Coral Island

The Lime Cluster

The Obsidian Cluster

Island of Mida

The cities and towns of the Atoll are:

Citrus City

Shimmer City

Topaz Town

Lemon Village

Apple Bay

Mortar Town

Crystal City

Coral Industrial Center

Shortly we will be updating our tourism page with ads and satellite images of our island, please stay tuned!


The Republic of the Aquamarina Atoll

Central Bureau of Tourism and Advertisment

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