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About this City Journal

Welcome to our little town. Name: Myotiepol. Population: 177. Enjoy your Visit.

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Mustang Flyer

So other than this being a very small town with a very small population... Its also a very tight knit community. Everybody helps out one another and we all get along fine... Until someone starts trouble that is.

Here we have our Residential Area. With our school in the middle.


Hopefully we'll get some larger homes soon so the pop. will go up.

Mustang Flyer

Welcome All!

Welcome To Myotiepol everyone!! Population 177! Yes its a small town you could say... maybe even a village. But anyway... back to everything else.


Well... here it is. Myotiepol. Small right? I told you it is small. Well then let me show you around town.. or village really... or whatever you'd like to call it.

Let me tour you around other parts of this community....

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