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About this City Journal

A varied region of peaceful towns, planned megacities, and unique port cities...

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I've taken the advice of some other users and installed a lot of custom content from the STEX. Especially for Montenly, which you all have yet to see. Other than city-like BATs I've installed a few rural BATs to keep Altoville from being too Maxisized.

Altoville is one of the peaceful towns of Fairview. It contains about 1,500 people, so it's fairly small, but represents a similar getaway location just like Newtonville. Altoville, which Alto means High in many Romance languages, was one of the first towns built outside metropolitan Montenly. The name matches the town somewhat, physically and metaphorically. Physically, because the town is built on Fairview's northern foothills and slopes, and metaphorically, because the townsfolk are slightly snobby :P.



The CBD....


The town's central meeting place, the Clocktower...


The younglings meeting place, the Comm Center...


The Altonians primary industry, Agriculture....


Fairview is a beautiful region of about 350,000 people. It's rolling green, forested hills are dominated by the city of Montenly. Further outside Montenly, and it's suburbs, are the peaceful towns and hamlets. Such towns include Pinewood, Altoville, and Newtonville. Fairview is also surrounded by an ocean, making Fairview a Peninsula. South of the peninsula lie the planned, layed out cities of Caltine and Gerich. The region of Fairview is beautiful, varied, and populated.


For our introduction we will focus on the resort town of Newtonville. Newtonville is a town of about 2,800 residents and lies north of Montenly. The town's primary industry is agriculture. The town also gets some money and wealth from a somewhat large, and growing, commercial business. In 1917 a resort hotel was built on the land, made for city folk who wanted to escape to the peaceful countryside.

Panorama of Newtonville:


Closer shot of downtown Newtonville:


The resort hotel:


To top it all off, Newtonville is powered by an all-clean, all-safe, and cheap wind source:


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