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About this City Journal

A small, uninhabited continent

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Early Days

It's 3 Months since Featronia was founded. A Natural Gas Power Station has been built, and a few shops and houses have been put up. The first ever Featronian Counsel was appointed, with their goal to 'supervise' the Mayor, and possibly the Prime Minister, if Featronia becomes big enough.

Current Population: 175 People


From here you can see the initial layout, and the Natural Gas Power Station in the southeast of the town.


This is Featronia in relation to the surrounding landscape.

The following picture shows Featronia and a nearby volcanic island.



NOTE: This City Journal may appear that it contains no custom buildings, but actually the country is set in real time, and so different things, eg. Custom Buildings, will appear as the people 'invent' them.

Featronia started as an uninhabited continent, it had been discovered, but it remained uninhabited. Eventually, some countries wanted to form colonies there. This journal will follow the story of the Australian Colony. It was formed by a group of people,chosen at r>andom by the Australian Government. The government have funded this colony, but they will cut of the funds in the city's 10th year.

The Elections for Mayor will be held in one week


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