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Tremorton Bay

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About this City Journal

How The Decisions Of The New Ambitious Mayor Of Stenton Affect The Whole Region Of Tremorton Valley.

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Let's take a look at Stenton. Stenton is the biggest city in Tremorton Bay. It is home to 283.662 people. One of those is called Daniel Hawethorne. And as luck might have it he's the Mayor of Stenton.


The Mayor's office is located on Stenton Island. When he goes to the office his driver takes Yellowcraigs Avenue. Not because it's quicker, but because Yellowcraigs Avenue is the bustling center of the city.


When he's at work in his office on Stenton Island he has the exciting job of dealing with bureaucrats all day. And who said politics are boring? Anywho... Stenton Island is the financial quarter of Stenton. This tiny piece of land is crammed with as many skyscrapers, hot-dog carts and subway vents as physically possible.


The mayor's big personal project was Hawethorne Quarter. In the last year of his second term after 7 years of construction the quarter was finally finished. The first year was spent reclaiming land from the sea. After that they built Nish Stadium, Cameron tower and a few luxury flats. Cameron tower is the highest tower in all of Tremorton Bay.


For lunch he sends his driver out for a Burrito from Sanchez Gassy Burritos in Torness Mall on the other side of town.


The mayor gets it's power from Burritos and the city get's it power from Carnbie Nuclear Power Station.