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About this City Journal

Ballystray (Báile Straith - the Town of Stray)

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It Begins

Dia daoibh a chairde, agus fáilte go an cathair Bhaile Straith iris.

Or, hello everyone, and welcome to the Ballystray city journal.

I'm starting and journalling this city from stratch - to give you all an idea of how I throw towns and cities together, and because it seems like jolly good fun!

The terrain used is the rather marvellous NHP Londonderry Northern Ireland map, which has Derry and a lot of the surrounding area ready for development.

My reason for this city is to have a crack at producing a Belfast style transport network, although no doubt I'll have far more train lines abouts.


To start with, I am going to lay out the transport networks from what will be the most important settlement in the area - Ballystray. Geography comes first in such matters - I'm certainly not going to drive the roads about willy nilly. Generally, roads will follow the contours and avoid the really hilly parts.

River crossings make excellent points to start a settlement. To make this one extra awesome, here's one based on London's tower bridge.


After drawing some roads - we have this:


Next - Rail lines. Often this for me involves a hop out into the regional view so that I can plan the destinations that these lines will serve.


Now - Rail is quite a disruptive network in my opinion - if it wants to look good it takes quite a bit of planning and a lot of space at times. The same is true for RHW. As I plan to have a mostly-bypass in this city, mirroring the M1, M2, M3 and A12 in Belfast, I decided that I should place down the most potentially disruptive part of the network (the interchange between them all) down first.

I can see this interchange handling a lot of traffic, and deliberately so as I wish to tie in local roads here as well as free flowing between all of the main roads.

I had to rebuild some of my rail lines, as they were in the way of my planned southwards RHW. Although I did bash this rather cool looking flying junction together because of it:


And here's the junction so far:


And lastly - after much faffing about - here's the progress so far


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