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About this City Journal

This is finally my 4th CJ.

Entries in this City Journal


City of Durham - Teaser

Here are the first pic from the city of Durham. It has about 120000 inhabitants at the moment. The city has a harbor where they ship oil and containers.

But first of all I'll show you the city center.


This is South Durham Station


And the university


More pics to come soon.

I hope you like it, and don't forget to comment.


Transport for Durham

The next city I like to show will be the City of Durham. There has to be done a bit before showing.

But I have something for you know. I hope you like it, because this took a lot of time to complete.


Please comment and stay interested.


First look - Bronton

This is my 4th CJ. I hope I have enough time to update regular in the next time.

I decided to start with the town of Bronton. So I hope you like it.

The town of Bronton is an upcoming city in the South of the Republic of Marvell. It has about 33,000 inhabitants at the moment. They're working in farms and some bigger factories. But most of all it's a quit rural region. In the last years Bronton had an economical boom which you can see in the city center.

Here is an overview of the town:


This is the city center:


The city launched an advertising campaign to lure more people into the city.


There also is a big shopping center in Bronton. It is located near the highway.


And here are some more images from the city.



These were the first pics from my new region. I hope you like it.

More to come soon, so stay interested.

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