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About this City Journal

Exactly what it says! KOY is a funny named City Journal that I, ForeverShafer, have created!

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Da 'Burbs!

Hi everyone! My Kandrith Empire didn't work out so well, so I'm going for another shot! The Kingdom of Youtube is a small city that in which I will be asking peoples' help to design the city with me! (Which pretty much means this is a interactive CJ). So, lets get started, shall we?


Name: Kingdom Of Youtube

Date Created: March 20, 2009

Population: 5,059

Commercial Jobs: 6,628

Industrial Jobs: 0

Major Cities: (there is only one, so...) Suburbs!

Alright, to the first update. This is the Suburbs of the Capital I will make soon.


Alright, I'm pretty pressed for time so, I'm gonna make the upcommer fast. You all can help me design what goes in the capital:


Post on here so you can tell me what YOU wanna se in the Capital!

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