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About this City Journal

Follow the story of Laurencia, a region of many islands and mountains, and the cities that prosper on it

Entries in this City Journal



MamaLuigi945: Thanks :D I'll be updating as much as I can.

10000000000000: Yeah, I was kinda vague there, I considered everything in my plugins folder a mod :)

Welcome to Harriot, the first city I made in this region. It has a population of about 2,500, and has Highway 97 running through it.


An overview of the city.


The east side of town. There seems to always be some new construction there.


The industrial/port area. The seaport is located at the intersection of Main Street

(Running vertically) and Coastal Parkway (Running horizontally). As you can see, the

port area isn't that busy midday, but don't be fooled. It gets congested in the evening.


Highway 96 (and its newly-added HOV lane) running through West Harriot, with its brand new apartments. Also notice the street underpass going under the highway.


The far western edge of Harriot. Coastal Parkway runs all over the place here where it intersects with Highway 96. Also notice Cemetery Drive winding through the foothills of Harriot Summit.


A closeup at the mansions at Harriot Summit. Nice view, huh?


...And lastly, a nighttime overview of the town.

So, any mod suggestions? I'm open to any suggestions. ;) Also, I can put up the city for download if anyone wants it.



Welcome to Laurencia! This is my second city journal, and focuses on the growth of my region, Laurencia.

First things first. This CJ is a Build-as-I-go CJ, meaning I build the cities as I showcase them. :) Each entry will focus on a certain city or an aspect of a city. Example:

Entry 1: Harriot

Entry 2: North Harriot and the Airport

Also, since I just recently got SimCity again, my Plugins folder has long since been cleared to save computer space. As I go along, you guys are allowed to suggest plugins for me to download and use. Note that I will only do this if I like the Plugin. (And please provide a link, I don't want to browse the web for hours looking for it ;) )

List of plugins I currently have:

NAM (And all it's addons)




Lottery Ordinance

ACB Terminals and Jets Vol. 1 and 2

RMIP Vol. 1-4

Mattb325 Sunken Railway Station

'Big Dig'

Fence Props

MEGA Sign Pack (with DAMN)

JS Seawalls V3

Pegasus Alley Kit

Peg Sky Farms, Utopian Plazas, and Plasma Plant


RTMT Tram-in-Road Station

Shmails Tram-in-Avenue Station

...And a few Peg Utopian Avenue Medians.

(Looking back on that, I realize it's alot :P )

Anyways, I hope you enjoy this CJ! :D

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