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About this City Journal

Welcome to Sunnyvale a town for the rich people.

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This is Sunnyvale. A town where rich people live. Here life is so fancy and sooo amazing. It makes you feel rich. Everyday millions of sims walk out of their Rich Homes and Cribs. Just to go shopping. One of the most popular things to do here is Skydiving. But three days later the Airport that hosts the skydiving was burnt down in a Heist for $1Billion dollars.

People gosip about movies and everywhere you look theres movie stars walking around. You ask why are there so many movie starts? Well this is a rich town and most of the people here except Bob Plum. love to show off in movies.

Thursday: A news reporter takes a photo of the Sunnyvale for the big do what ever you want day.

Here is some pictures of what this guy took.



Its nightime where I live. So I will upload more photos tomorrow.

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